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Complete quality dental care

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All ages are welcome.

To Schedule an Appointment

If you would like to schedule an appointment for you or a family member, please give us a call

Your First Visit

We believe in preventive dentistry tailored to meet the needs of the individual.  Your first evaluation as a new patient will give us a complete picture of your present oral health.

  1. First we will ask for a brief dental and medical history.
  2. We will check your blood pressure and pulse.
  3. Your examination will include evaluations of past, existing, and potential problems.
  4. We will examine your oral tissues for gum/bone disease and your teeth for decay.
  5. Necessary x-rays are used to identify hidden problems.

The doctor will review this information with you.  Together, we will discuss whatever treatment may be desirable and the options available.

Although Gentle Dental Care is a "paperless office" there are those  inevitable forms that must be completed for your first visit.  If you desire, you may print out and complete the following forms prior to your appointment.  If you cannot or do not desire to do so, the forms will be available to you when you arrive at our office.  Keep in mind it takes approximately 20 minutes to fill out the paperwork and enter it into the computer before you are seen by the dental auxiliary.

Adult Registration

Health History Form

The following two documents are for your information

Welcome to Gentle Dental Care, P.C.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Your Childs First Visit

Our primary goal is to make your child's first visit experience with us a pleasant and comfortable.  If this is your child's first visit, the hygienist will introduce him or her to the equipment used and do as much of a cleaning and examination as your child is comfortable with.

Informational documents:

Your Childs Visit

When you arrive for your child's first visit, there are a couple of forms you will need to complete. If you would like, you may print and complete the following two forms prior to your arrival to facilitate the registration process:

Childs Registration

Child Health History (Children under 13 only)

Health History Form (children 13 and older)


As a service to all of our patients, we will promptly handle the filing of insurance claim forms for the services we provide.  We only ask for payment of your estimated percentage on the day the service is provided.  We believe the more you understand about your dental insurance coverage the better you will be able to maximize the benefit you receive.  If you need additional information, please ask the front desk personnel who will be happy to assist you.

Dental Restorative Materials

There are a number of restorative materials which may be used to repair damaged or diseased teeth.  Each material has its specific strengths and weaknesses.  Additionally, each material has its own risks and benefits.  The following two documents provide an overview of these materials.  Please feel free to discuss these materials and options with your dentist.

Dental Restorative Materials:  The Choices

Dental Restorative Materials Fact Sheet

Transferring from Another Dental Office

If you are transferring into Gentle Dental Care, P.C. from another office download the following form, fill out and give it to your current dentist office to transfer your records to our office.

Release of Record Request



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